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AU XR auto mode change instructions

It has been asked many times, so here it is, the instructions for changing the AU XR auto into the different modes.

Stop the vehicle, apply Park Brake and turn Ignition Off

Apply Foot Brake and move gear selector to:

1 for Maximum Performance Mode
2 for Maximum Economy Mode
3 for Adaptive Shift Strategy

Turn the ignition On and wait for the air bag warning light to turn off

Move the selector to "R" and wait for the segment on the cluster to confirm the mode selected:

(Not sure if you will see this in XR's only for T series)

PEF - Maximum Performance Mode
ECO - Maximum Economy Mode
ADP - Adaptive Shift Strategy

Return gear selector to "P" and start the engine.

Programmed modes will remain unless the EEC is reprogrammed by the above procedure or the vehicle battery power is removed.

Default mode after battery reconnection is ADP.

(Supplied to by Kooky)

Automatic modes for the TS50

2 Modes exist
ESS - Electronic Sports Shift
ADP - Adaptive Shift Strategy

Selecting ESS mode

Press mode selector switch
Vehicle must be in drive, and may be moving
instrument cluster will display ESS
Pressing either upper button causes an up-shift
Pressing either lower button causes a down-shift
The T-bar must be used to select between Park, Reverse and Neutral
To return to ADP mode(default), press the Mode switch or turn the ignition off

In ESS mode the transmission state is displayed to indicate the following conditions:
P - Park
R - Reverse
N - Neutral
1 - 1st gear selected
2 - 2nd gear selected
3 - 3rd gear selected
4 - 4th gear selected
5 - Torque converter lock-up

(Supplied to by Tornado)

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