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Was the “AU” a victim of D.N.A. imprinting???

The term D.N.A. imprinting is one that I dare say many people would “NOT” have heard of before. Basically it is means of describing a way of including certain elements in a design so that an outside viewer can identify a “branding” with a particular product. This is basically the means by which you can instantly recognize a particular product as being “designed / built” by a particular manufacturer, without having to read a name blatantly stamped on it.Because of competitors sales success in the dying days of the EL Falcon a conscious decision was made to opt for a more revolutionary styled vehicle. The new Falcon/Fairmont would be decidedly more sleek and appear “smoother” then any of its previous The resulting design would be a quite dramatic departure from what the general buying public was accustomed to.
If the overall body shape of the new AU was to be so much different in styling, how was the general public to be able to identify with it as being a FORD?????
The answer is actually quite simple. By including small design cues from previous successive Falcon models into the AU the viewer can recognize certain parts as being from a Ford so therefore associate this new design as being a Ford.
The most obvious design element used in the AU Falcon/Fairmont is also one of the most loved / hated parts…..The Grille.
If you look closely enough you can see styling cues from old falcon models used on the grilles throughout the Falcon range. The “smiley” toothed grin of the forte is similar to the vertical slats used in the XY grille. The honeycomb seen in the Fairmont is similar to that used back in the XB days. The open mouthed grille as used in the AU Falcon Futura is reminiscent of that seen on the EA – ED Falcons. The more popular grille used for the series 3 AU’s bears more then a passing resemblance to the horizontal bars seen on XD’s (or even the EF Fairmont grille for that matter). The quad headlight design continued on the tradition for Tickford styled Falcons from as early as the ED many years previous.
How successful this styling was is quite open to debate. Love it or Hate it you can tell that the AU falcon is indeed a ford from the moment you lay eyes on it’s face.

By Mark Bradford (a.k.a. Wulos)

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