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Who runs the website?
A group of car enthusiasts who drive and / or have strong interests in the AU series Ford vehicles.

How can I join and show my car?
Click here to join, for FREE!

Who can I contact if I am having problems?
If you are having any issues using the website, please contact Dauphin by clicking here.

How do I create my car profile?
Once you have joined and activated your account, go to the My Cars option in your account area. Click on the "add new Car" link and fill out your details. Please ensure you have selected the correct category for your Car.

How do I post photos of my car?
In your car editor (see above question), go to the bottom of the page and you will see 10 image browse fields. Click the browse button and locate the folder on your hard drive with the photos you'd like to display on your profile. If you wish to post photos from another website, please save them to your hard drive first and then browse to that folder and select them. When ready, click the Update button at the bottom and your photos will be uploaded, re-sized and become a part of our database.

The Car Profile photos are rescaled to 700 pixels in width, variable height. Please ensure your images are at least this size or they will appear distorted.

What is the Groups feature?
The Groups feature allows a member to create a group and then other members can join it. It is currently only a basic system at the moment but will be expanded in the future. You can be a member of up to 5 groups.

How does the Recently Viewed system work?
It tracks visitors to our profiles from other links inside the website and from our close friend, Australian Ford Forums.

How do I use the new Notes feature?
Notes are a new feature and have been enabled for the modifications multi-line text boxes in the car profile editor.

To make use of this feature, you must enter your modifications list line by line format, like this
19" wheels
TS50 bodykit
Altezza rear lights
This is just as before, but now you enter the notes using [note] tags underneath the item in question, like this:
19" wheels
[note]These wheels suit my car the best so I got them.[/note]
TS50 bodykit
[note]I like the TS front so I decided to put the bodykit on my car.[/note]
Altezza rear lights
[note]I know not everyone likes Altezzas, and neither did I at first, but I changed my mind after seeing black ones on a black car.[/note]
When someone views your profile, they can click on one of the modification items with a note attached and they will see your note about it.

What is the "kW @ the Wheels" field?
This the power, in kilowatts, produced by the engine that gets to the wheels after it goes through the driveline (eg. torque converter, gearbox). An automatic will result in less final power to the wheels than a manual. When you have performance mods done by a performance shop, you generally have a run on a dyno to determine the power it is now outputting. This figure can be anywhere from 15% to 30% less than the engine's claimed output.

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