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Change Rear Rotors and Pads

1. Jack up rear left wheel, put on safety stands, remove wheel.
2. Undo 2 15mm bolts holding calliper to hub assembly.


3. Take off the calliper, take out pads and set it where the brake lines will not be stretched. (Take careful not of how they are fitted, this will help later!)

4. Undo Phillips head disc retaining screw.

5. Remove disc, taking off rubber grommet to be inserted into new disc.

(I needed to remove the thin metal backing 4 8mm bolts to take this off. This was because the disc was stuck fast and needed lots of persuasion with a hammer, and I needed the backing removed to get a decent swing at it!)

6. Clean abs sensor

7.Fit new disc. (First use brake cleaner to clean off the rust preventing oil coating the disc will be smothered in!)

Also, be careful to position the handbrake shoes in the centre of the hub before fitting disc. This will ensure an easy fit.

8. Refit retaining screw.

9. Fit rubber grommet.

10. Using g-clamp, screw calliper piston all the way back to the stop.

11. Fit new pads and refit calliper.

12. Refit wheel and lower car.

13. Drive, avoiding hard stops for 200-300 kays to allow the pads and discs to bed in nicely.







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