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AU1 Brake Upgrades Options

Series 1 AU’s are rather limited in their stopping power and the choice of upgrades is really limited to a few options.

Aftermarket Brake Rotors with Performance Brake Pads
An aftermarket set of slotted or cross drilled rotors matched up to some performance pads. You could also throw in some braided brake lines for that firmer feel as well. This setup would do well for the majority of everyday drivers.

Braided Lines

Braided Lines
Slotted Rotor

Slotted Rotors
Aftermarket Brake Pads

Aftermarket Brake Pads

Total Brake Replacement Kit
You could consider a total replacement kit from a company such as Race Brakes or Cebco Brakes

Whilst these kits provide quite a substantial increase in braking power they also come with a substantial price. Expect to pay around about the $2500~ ballpark.

This setup however would be more than adequate for street/strip/race applications. For those of us considering a move to forced induction and are in need of a brake upgrade, this would do nicely.

Conversion to Series II Brake System
....or a conversion from series 1 to series 2 brakes.

Series 2 cars have a different brake setup and even the standard forte can be upgraded to Tickford specifications.

For those of us who’ve purchased a series 1 AU and are interested in converting to a series 2 spec braking system, all is not lost. Below is all you need from a series 2 vehicle in order to change your setup over.

  • Lower control arms
  • Stub axles
  • Discs
  • Callipers
  • Sway bar and sway bar mounts
  • No change to the master cylinder is necessary

    These parts can be sourced from Ford but you would probably be best to source them from a wrecker. Site sponsors Ferntree Gully Auto Salvage can also put you on the right track and supply you the parts you need.

    FTG Auto Salvage

    4. Finally the last option. There are a few independent Ford tuners/workshops looking into brake upgrades for Falcons. Once such workshop is Crescent Motors in NSW. Crescent Motors are working on a replacement brake system for the series 1 AU owners (and E series cars). Give them a call for details.

    Additional Information:

    Basic Brake Specifications for AU Series vehicles can be found below :

    Standard AUI:
  • Front: Single Piston Caliper to hold a 287mm Disc
  • Rear: Single Piston Caliper to hold a 287mm Disc

    Standard AUII/III:
  • Front: Twin Piston Caliper to hold a 287mm Disc
  • Rear: Single Piston Caliper to hold a 287mm Disc

    Tickford/Premium AU Setup:
  • Front: Twin Piston Caliper to hold a 330mm Disc
  • Rear: Single Piston Caliper to hold a 287mm Disc

    Disclaimer : The following information has been sourced from many threads and websites. If any information is incorrect, please feel free to submit the correct details.

    FFAU 2006 : loxxr6

    Document last updated 10:56 Mon Nov 13, 2006
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