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How To Install Footwell Courtesy Lights into your AU Falcon

Shopping list:
Auto Electrical Cable (something like Narva cable, comes in a 20m roll in different colours and gauges)
Cable Joiners
Cable Cutters/Crimpers
Cable Ties
Electrical Tape
Bulb Holders – note that to buy these from Ford, you need to purchase an entire loom, which is around $40 per side! Given that the wiring would be wasted, it is far more economical and practical to get your bulb holders from a wreckers or similar. I was able to pick up 3 for $5, and holders from any model Falcon EA-AU will fit just fine.

Before you start, disconnect your battery and make sure no power is in the system. Around 5 minutes is long enough to wait.

Step 1:
If possible, get your bulb holders with some of the wiring attached, you only need enough to connect new wiring to. This makes it a lot easier!

Run 2 lengths of cable (one is positive, one is negative), and attach them to your bulb holder wiring so you end up with around 50cm of wiring to the holder. This is your passenger side loom.
For the driver’s side, you’ll only need around 6-10cm of loom made up for the holder.

For my looms, I made them up and wrapped them with electrical tape to keep them nice and tidy.

Once you’ve done that, note which wire is positive and which is negative on the end of your new wiring (it will make it a LOT easier when it comes time to tap in to a new source). The wiring is as follows:

Positive: Green wire with Yellow stripe
Negative: Black wire with Blue stripe

Step 2:

Drop down your steering column, pull it all the way down and out. To do so, find the plastic grab handle on the underside of the column and pull it out to allow the column to move.

Once you have it out, remove the 2 screws that hold on the plastic covering over the column. They are Phillips head screws, one on each side and are accessible on the underside of the column.

Once you’ve undone the screws, carefully remove the plastic from the column (be careful as it clips together near the steering wheel), until you can access the ignition key courtesy light. This is the light above your ignition barrel.

Step 3:

Measure up the distance from this light to the end of the steering column in the footwell. Use that distance to make another loom up (again 2 wires, 1 pos 1 neg) that will reach from the ignition key light, all the way down to where your footwell lights are going. Make this loom up and again remember to note which wire is positive and which is negative.

Step 4:

Cut the connection to the ignition key light, strip back the wires, and wire in your new loom. Cable joiners will make this easy, and remember to shield your joins with enough electrical tape to cover any exposed wire etc. Use cable ties to attach the new loom to an existing one so it doesn’t hang down etc.

Once you’ve done this and are sure your connections are right, you can re-attach the plastics on the column, and tidy up your wiring. You should now have a point at the bottom of the column where you can access power to run your footwell lights.

Step 5:

Plug your new footwell lights into the holders that are part of the lower dash. If you stick your head into the footwell you will see them, the drivers side one is located directly underneath the fuse panel and the passenger side one is in a similar position on the other side of the dash (duh!). The bulb holders simply pop in, and screw around to stay secure in the holder.

Double check you’ve made your looms long enough to reach the new power source you’ve made from the steering column. If they are long enough, you can begin putting them into the dash so they are not seen, the easiest way is to run them behind the centre console and cable tie them to an existing wiring loom so they don’t hang down. It’s possible to slide them behind the centre console without having to remove it.

Step 6:

If your looms are all in place, you’re set to go ahead and wire them up. Join up your positive and negative wires from both bulb holders, and connect them to the corresponding wires from your new power loom. Remember – green with yellow stripe is positive, black with blue stripe is negative. If your wiring is correct, double check it again (can’t be too careful), then tape it up so it’s secure and out of sight.

Step 7:

Re-connect your battery, and turn on your interior lights. You should be greeted with something that looks like this!

If the lights fail to come on, check your fuses in the dash fuse panel located above your bonnet pull. Check you haven’t blown one, if you have, replace it and they should work fine. If not, it may be a wiring issue and you will need to check the wiring thoroughly to find it.

This is a very subtle but effective mod. For those with the AU2/3 “Warm Charcoal” interiors (as in the pic above), this mod adds some much needed light to the dark interior. There are also coloured LED’s and bulbs available at places like Autobarn which fit into the bulb holders, and by using these you can create a colour effect in your interior.
All done, for less than $20!

- b2tf

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