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Oil and Filter Change

1. Collect the items you need.


15mm ring spanner or socket (for the sump plug).

Leather riggers type glove or filter wrench.

VO1, Z9 or equivalent oil filter.

5 litres (AU1) or 5.5 litres (AU2-3) of the oil of your choice.

Oil catch pan

1 litre oil pourer (optional).

Car ramps (optional)


2. Take the car for a good run until the engine is at operating temperature.


3. Drive the car up onto the ramps and pop the bonnet. Undo oil filler cap on rocker cover.



4. Put the oil catch pan underneath the sump plug. Undo sump plug and drain oil. Wipe plug and put aside for later.





5. Put on the riggers glove or use filter wrench and undo the oil filter and drain it into the oil catch pan. They usually have a little lug for the oil filter hole to sit on.





6. Once the oil has been drained, put the sump plug back in. Not too tight!



7. Take the new oil filter, smear a little oil on the black O-ring and using the rigger glove, fit it to the engine. Once the black rubber seal makes contact with the metal, turn it another 2/3rds. Too tight and you’ll have trouble getting it off next time.



8. Fill with oil. Its advisable to put 4-4.5 litres in, wait a while and check the level on the dipstick, adding more as needed. Remember to put the oil filler cap back on.



9. Gently reverse the car off the ramps and put on level surface.


10.Run the engine for a few minutes, turn off, wait anther 5 minutes and recheck the oil level. Top up if needed.




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