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Painting Brakes


This tech sheet is for painting the callipers with out taking them off the disc. You can take them off the disc to get a more accurate and thorough job, though leaving them on will still give you a good look and it is achieved with minimal effort.


What you need:

1)  Paint - Pick your colour and go searching. I used the High Temp Brake Calliper paint, though I have heard since that any paint will do a good job. Plus not sticking with the High Temp paint you got more of a colour range.

2)  Plastic bags - These will become your paint mask.

3)  Drip tray or newspaper - Protects the concrete when degreasing and collects any paint spillage. Also useful to protect your ears from the Mrs, if you stain the concrete.

4)  Sticky tape - Hold your mask together.

5)  Degreaser - Get your self some degreaser, just to clean up the callipers and get them nice and clean (as much as you can) for the fresh paint to go on.


The Job:

1)  Jack the car up and take off your wheel. If you got axle stands, you could probably do one end at a time. But if not just approach it corner by corner.

2)  Some cars like the AU come with a black disc in between the wheel and the hub take that off as it gets in the way and I would leave it off but that is up to you.

3)  Spray on your de-greaser let sit for 30secs-1min give them a scrub and wash off. Just a bucket and water will do the job, rub dry with a rag.

4)  Grab a plastic bag and cover your disc and calliper with one bag. Make a small hole at the top of the calliper, and tear away not too much, then stretch the hole around the calliper. Tape around the neck of the hole to hold in place.

5)  Repeat step 4 until you are happy with the mask.

6)  Now lightly apply your first coat.
Note: Best results are achieved by taking it slowly and applying several light coats as apposed to one or two heavy coats.

7)  See pic below for a pic of the mask and painted calliper.

8)  Let paint to touch dry, while your having a beer

9)  Keep applying paint until you have a nice even colour that you are happy with. usually 3-4 is enough.

10)Let paint dry past touch dry and put your wheel back on, being careful not to rub the calliper with the inside of the rim. Now repeat steps 2-10, 3 more times.




Very easy and effective mod, most time spent is waiting for the paint to dry.



Document last updated 11:27 Sat Mar 10, 2007
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