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Whoosha's Guide to Painting Car Parts

If there new ish and black gel coat you won"t need undercoat with the blue .So if there painted second hand you will.

Step 1. Wash them down with prepwash / wax n grease remover with a clean rag then wipe dry with another rag throw the old rags away when finished (this removes all greasey finger prints any polish or silicon that may be on them).

Step 2. A light sand with a 600 grit wet or dry will do the job and should be good enough if there in good nick, What your trying to do is take the shine off so the the paint will stick to them so getting in the cracks & crevesses is important if they have small cips or marks then it gets a bit more involved & a heavyer grit paper may be needed.

Now assuming there new they will be ready to paint, if not they will be ready to prime with under coat. So best to get a peice of wire to thread thru the mounting holes so you can hang on to them an also hang them some ware to dry.

Step 3. Wipe them down again with prep wash just to make sure there grease free (aerosol can paint has a hight thinners content and tends to pox up easy).

If your useing aerosol cans the trick is to be patient.

Step 4. Hold the aerosol about 14cm from what the object you wish to paint. Do the underside and awkward edges first, don't worry about the flat surface till the rest is covered. 0NLY A LIGHT COAT FIRST! Even if you can see through it, DON'T be tempted to wet it up. When you have given the first one a light coat move on to the second one with the same process. It should take about 3 light coats to cover the pods. Allow 2 to 3 minutes betwen each coat. When you can no longer see through the paint, it's time to give it a little wetter coat. Two wet coats is usally enough. Allow a good 4 to 5 minutes between wet coats (a light blow with a WARM hair dryer wont hurt either if its cool).

By this stage they will flatten off in colour. If there is NO dirt or specs in them you can them give them 2 coats of clear in the same manner as the wetter coats. If they have pox marks or buggs stuck in them you can rub them down wet with 600/800 30 minutes before painting them with the clear coat (all going well this wont be nessasary).

Leave them over night before trying to polish. This can be done with a cutting compound (much easier to do on the car also) buy hand.

Note that some body parts are may low or not so prominent on the your car and nobody looks that hard at them so in some cases don't be to fussy, they will look fine.

I would spray a peice of the shed wall or old panel or some thing first to get a feel for how the paint comes out of the can. You need to keep moving acroos the painting area in one stroke so the paint wont run.

Worst case scenario: if it turns out bad then wash it all off with some thinners and start again

Document last updated 10:19 Sat Apr 19, 2008
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